Saturday, December 28, 2013

Cheers to a New Year!

It is that time of year again. The time for popping corks, drinking champagne, making resolutions and such. High on my list of resolutions for 2014 is to no longer ignore this little blog. 2013 was so full of work, play, and generally wonderful things that it seemed that there was no time to stop and chronicle any of it. But as the most touching gift I received for Christmas this year was a digital transfer of a home video taken 20 years ago, I realize that recording moments and projects is really very valuable. It is a habit that I want to get back into in 2014, and I'm going to start taking steps to do that today!

One of my favorite personal projects of this year has been working with David on these little desk calendars! The Calendar Girls started as a conversation with friends about what would make an interesting desk calendar for an end of the year project, and evolved into a full-blown production on all fronts! I love to problem solve, and from start to finish these girls have certainly been an exercise in exactly that!

The original concept was to make 100 original and completely unique Calendar girls for 2014 - all hand cut, painted, and packaged. The girls would function like paper-dolls - the stand is a unique girl and the pages for every month are a different dress.  They would be reserved for attendees of CTN-X, Kickstarter backers, coworkers, friends, and family for 2014, and depending on how well they were received we would make a new run next year. The response was overwhelming, and as it turns out we will have a few left over at the end of the year... and we would love to share them with you!

To celebrate the New Year,  I will add about 20 Calendar girls to my Etsy shop at noon PST on January 1st. Each one will be unique and is numbered between 1 and 100. After that, we won't be making any more until 2015, so if you are interested I would definitely recommend snatching one up!

I hope you all have spent a warm and wonderful holiday season celebrating with friends and family, and I wish everyone a fantastic New Year. Let's make 2014 the best year yet :)


Rita .Pinto said...

aw it looks so pretty! everything looks rad and I hope you have an amazing year of 2014! :)

Joanna N said...

What a great news! it will be great to see you here more often XD

My best wishes for the next year!!

By the way those calendar girls are just gorgeous!

Jennifer Sese said...

Those are so cute! :D

My anxious life said...


Todd and Doug said...

We'll be watching and hoping to add one of your calendars to our "Best of Brittney" collection! Happy 2014 to you and your family, from Todd & Doug

Camille Cruz said...

So glad to hear you'll be more active in the coming year! you're works are just absolutely wonderful! I've reserved "A Sister More Like Me" infact, despite amazon claiming it's for 6-8 year olds (Great art is for everybody)and I can't wait to get my hands on it! Mind I ask however if you have an account on Tumblr? would love to be able to follow you there! Cheers and best wishes for the coming new year! :)

Hayley Fortner said...

These are wonderful!! I hope I can snag one to add to my growing collection by Brittney Lee. It's also excellent to hear you will be around here more often, you are such an inspiration to little old me, I can't wait to see more of your work!

Milton Kennedy said...

Happy 2014, health and peace!

rose-a-petits-pois said...

Oh my god, these are SO adorable!

I hope I can make it on the 1st of January ;-)

Tracy Priest said... I need one! I hope I get to your etsy site in time on Wednesday!

Joni said...

Darling! ^^

Astera said...

Whimsical and cleverly designed! They are lovely! Happy 2014!

Kellen Pocock said...

These look cool :)

Ashley Perez said...

These are beautiful and adorable! Happy New Years!

Trevbo said...

Are they already gone?

Monica Bruenjes said...

Thanks for offering the calendar girls on the etsy site Brittney! I love your work & am very happy to have bought one. I noticed they were all gone in less than 10 minutes, wow!

Martha Balieiro said...

Happy New Year! I'm from Brazil and I follow your blog some time ago, your work are lovely, thanks for your beautiful and motivational work!

Ella said...

Just... AMAZING !!!
Thx for my eyes ! :)

Priscila Caballero said...

I was lucky to snatch one up at CTN, and she looks beautiful on my desk. She already has tons of admirer's. I absolutley love it!

Elena L said...

Wow! Love your work !

Todd and Doug said...

Our 'girl' is on the way!!! SO EXCITED to give her a home!


This calendar is the most beautiful think that I saw!!! Cute, cute, cute....kisses from Madrid

Gabriela said...

So, I know it is end of Jan, but the calendar IS GORGEIOUS!!!! I want one!!! did not see them in your etsy store.... are you selling them?

Fishing Rod Holders said...

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Holly Fazio said...

Will you be making more of your Calendar Girls in the near future? I was planning to go to WonderCon in April -- hoping that maybe you'll be there selling them.

p.s. Have you considered dressing up as Elsa for any of the conventions you plan to go to? Would be a great place to honor her and your awesome work :)

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